What is 1×2 Soccer Betting?

What is 1x2 soccer betting?

What is 1×2 Soccer Betting? Bitcoin soccer betting is a success today in many countries. The love for many of the existing sports guarantees that every day millions of users access the different bookmakers to validate their forecasts. It is growing the community daily with new users who want to try their luck in this field. Premier League or La liga and Champions league are among most popular competitions for betting.

There are many types of sports betting and variations within each type. One of these types of bets is simple bets, which are the simplest. Those that all new users in the user communities of betting houses put into practice at the beginning. For this type of bet, we find 1X2 bets, which are the most popular. Therefore, we will focus here on 1X2 bets.

What is 1x2 Soccer Betting?
1×2 Soccer Betting

Also, if you are a novice in the field of Bitcoin Soccer Betting, you must have heard about 1×2 betting. Let us know here what is it exactly?

What is 1×2 Soccer Betting?

In 1X2 bets, there are 3 possible outcomes and you have to predict the correct one. The simple football pool of victory, draw or defeat is a classic 1X2 bet.

1X2 bets usually refer to the result of the match at the end of the regulation time.

It is very simple since we only have 3 possible forecasts that we can make. We will have to decide which team will be the winner of the sports match. Because these bets allow you to bet on the draw they will almost always go to football matches.

Well, if we bet on 1, it will mean that we believe it will be the local team that will win the match. On the contrary, if we decide to opt for 2, we will be predicting that it will be the visiting team that gets the victory of the game.

As the last option, we have the X. That means that we believe that the match will be tied between the teams, without winners.