How long is a soccer game?

How long is a soccer game?

You should know How long is a soccer game?, if you are a new fan of the soccer.

Here in the following, know how long a professional football match lasts, as well as the times in which the time of the match divides.

How long is a soccer game?

The regulation time of a football match is 90 minutes divided into 2 times of 45 minutes each. Also between both times, there is a rest time that lasts 15 minutes.

There is also added time at the end of the match to compensate for the time used in player changes and the time spent on injuries. In this way, a football match extends for 3 or 6 more minutes with an added time.

These figures apply to the professional football mode but there are different types of football and in each of them a different time is applied, let’s see it.

How long is a soccer game?
Soccer Game Duration

Duration of football matches:           

Professional football matches have a duration of 90 minutes. But in some qualifying competitions, there is the option to extend the time of the match provided the score is tied. The extension is the extra time that is added to a football match and has a duration of 30 minutes divided into two times of 15 minutes each.

In this way a football match played in a qualifying round, such as the World Cups under FIFA or the UEFA Champions League final, has more times. The football game may have 4 times and two breaks. If the match continued tied after the added time the result would be disputing in penalty time.

If the match is a direct elimination, there is an additional extension time, in this case, 2 additional times of 3 minutes each adds.

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