When was Liverpool founded?

When was Liverpool founded?

Let us find out When was Liverpool founded and other more details. Liverpool Football Club is a professional football club in Liverpool, England. They now play at English Premier League, top tier in English football.

When was Liverpool founded?

Liverpool FC was founded on March 15, 1892. Closely associated with the foundation is the local rivals, FC Everton. A rich brewery owner named John Houlding leased the club grounds at Anfield.

John Houlding, a rich brewery owner, owns a football field at Anfield. It plays since 1888, founded FC Everton, one of the 12 founding members of the major Football League. But when Houlding raises the pitch fees at Anfield, the members of Everton go to the barricades. They accuse him of usury, which in turn he feels as ungrateful.

To avoid wasting the area, John Houlding founded Liverpool in 1892.

When was Liverpool founded?
Liverpool : Football Club

March 15, 1892: In a house on Anfield Road, the final separation was decided by Everton and immediately a new club was founded, which should go down in history: The Liverpool or simply “the Reds”. The jerseys were striped blue-white at the beginning.

It does not remain in the dispute, but comes to a scandal: Everton is not far from the old venue in the Goodison Park a new home. On March 15, 1892, in Holdings house on the Anfield Road the first meeting of the defectors takes place. They found a new club, with William E. Barclay proposing the right name: Liverpool.

The Reds, the nickname comes from their red jerseys, should play 2 years later in the first league. However, one immediately dismounted. However, Liverpool struggled and rose again next year. The first championship title followed in 1901. This first title should be followed by many more episodes. Read more about Liverpool here.

Liverpool won until today:

18x the championship

7x the FA Cup

5x Champions League / European Cup of Champions

3 times the UEFA Cup

7x the League Cup

15x the FA Community Shield

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