The Mexico Cup, now known as COPA Mx is an official soccer tournament played between clubs in Mexico. One tournament plays per soccer year starting in July and ending in April.  First Division and Ascent League clubs participate. A lot of players from Mexico are making transfer to the MLS in USA.

History of COPA Mx:

Establishment year was 1932 by the Mexican Football Federation to replace the multiple cupper tournaments.

The big difference with the league tournament was its direct elimination system.

It was preceded by group rounds and crowned with emotional endings, full of color, festivity and covered with the presence of federation.

Competition System:

From its foundation, they were using the traditional system of direct elimination. It characterizes the contests of this type. In 1943, 1944 and 1945 editions, the participants were distributed for the first time in groups.

They did not win any competition and so they returned to the direct elimination. New managers were appointed and they again resumed forming sectors in the 3 consecutive competitions – 1952, 1953, and 1954.


That idea was very accepted and, 8 out of 13 tournaments were playing in the same way. They were wearing down the public with little football and lack of interest of the coaches until in 1976 it aborted the project.

The contest was restored in 1987, taking place only 5 seasons as it is not affordable. They returned for the third time in 1994, nothing more with 3 versions. Read more about Copa MX here.

As of the 2019/2020 edition:

In the coming COPA Mx, the MX League teams participate the 15 best classified in the General Table of the previous edition of Liga MX and Ascenso MX. The 12 best classified in the General Table of the previous edition of Liga Ascenso MX. 

It consists of 2 phases. The first will be a group stage with 9 groups of 3 teams each. It will play 7 days in which each team will play 4 games, 2 at home and 2 as a visitor.

The champions of each group plus the 7 best seconds will move on to a playoff phase with 8th, Quarters, Semifinals and Finals with a double game system and global scoreboard tie-off with penalties. is one of the reliable platforms where you can play bitcoin football betting with your favorite team.