How many players are on a soccer team?

How many players are on a soccer team?

How many players are on a soccer team? Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, practiced in almost any country and has millions of followers of different ages. The game as it is popular today has its origins in the 19th century.

If you want to know how many players are in each soccer team, keep reading the following article.

How many players are on a soccer team?

Each of the teams that play consists of 11 people. Each of them occupies a position and has different functions according to FIFA rulles.

Soccer plays on a rectangular grass field, with goals on both sides of the field. That is one for each team. The regulatory time of a game is 90 minutes, divided into 2 times of 45 minutes each. The teams are made up of 11 players including the goalkeeper.

How many players are on a soccer team?
Players in a soccer team

Center campers or steering wheel as they are called in some places is the player who is midfield and usually assembles the plays.

The defense is the player located on the line in front of goalkeepers. It is the last barrier before the player of the opposing team can score a goal.

Forwards: this type of player is the attacker of the team and those who more easily access the goal of the opposing team.

Defenses: its main function is to stop the attacks of the opposing team and can be several players defenses.

Lateral and midfielders: They are the players who move the ball, due to their position they usually have part of the control of the game and are the ones who pass the ball to the strikers.

Goalkeeper: He is the only player who stays throughout the game in the goal to defend it and avoid the ball. Unlike the other soccer team players, the goalkeeper can take the ball with his hands to stop it when it is thrown at goal.

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