When is the Europa League draw?

When is the Europa League draw

When is the Europa League draw? Europa League is reaching to the final and everyone is talking about this league. If you are also want to know everything about this league, read on the following article.

Who will play the final?

The right to raise the trophy of the UEFA Europa League will be played by the winners of the semifinals so the final will be played by Arsenal and Chelsea. What is Europa League?

When is Europa League Final?

Europa League draws final will be played on 29th May Wednesday – 2019.

Europa League draw
Europa League

Where final Europa League draw will be played?

For the first ever time, a great UEFA title will be played in Azerbaijan, as the Olympic Stadium in Baku is the setting for this event. The stadium, which opened in 2015, will also house three matches at UEFA EURO 2020.

Europa League is quite popular lately, especially with the prize, playing in the CL next season for the winner. It`also becoming more popular in betting community, Europa league betting offers a good chance for winnings.

When is the Europa League draw?

The stadium has a capacity of almost 70,000 fans and could surpass the attendance record in a final to a single match of the competition set at 67,000 spectators when Parma and Marseille met in Moscow in 1999.

This stadium hosted in June 2015 the first European Games and will host the European Championship for 2020.

Who will be the ‘local’ team?

Chelsea will be the local team for nominal purposes as a result of a lottery held for administrative purposes in March. Both clubs can use the first choice of their equipment but if there is a conflict. In doing so, the club designated as visiting team (Arsenal) will have to use alternative equipment.

What will the champion team get?

The UEFA Europa League trophy weighs 15 kilograms, the heaviest of all UEFA trophies. To make it more interesting, it does not have handles. There are 40 medals for players and coaching staff. There is also something very valuable at stake: a place in the UEFA Champions League group stage. Read more about Uefa League at official website.