What is the FA Cup?

FA Cup

The FA Cup (Football Association Cup) was the first professional competition in the history of football (1871).

Football Association Cup :

FA Cup is an annual English football elimination competition, organized by the Football Association. It is the oldest football tournament in the world. Premier League is also organized by Football Association.

It is also necessary to bear in mind that this cup is the first one which belongs to the English Football Association which makes it the official cup with a lot of tradition.

As the Cup is the important match, whoever wins it will have its place in the group stage of the Champions League. Matches are from August to May as a single match per round. In some matches, if there is a tie in the 90 minutes, there will be a rematch in the stadium.

Football Association Cup
Football Association Cup

If equality persists, there will be penalties. The final ussualy takes action at Wembley. The Cup also has eliminations to unique matches (if there is a tie goes to penalties directly), except the semis and final, where there is a round trip. This last encounter will have extra time if it ends up tied.

History of FA Cup:

The first ever competition of the Cup was in the 1871-72 season there were fifteen entries. Wanderers, a team made up of former players from public schools and the university, won the first 1-0 final against the Royal Engineers at Kennington Oval.

A crowd of 2000 attended the match. Because of the First World War the competition was suspended from 1916 to 1919. Between 1940 and 1945 the Second World War forced to suspend the competition again.

The 2018-19 FA cup is the 138th edition of this oldest Football Tournament in the world. Read more about FA Cup here.

FA Cup is very popular in UK, it`s very attractive and there is a lot of underdog wins. It`s also magnet for gamblers, FA Cup betting offers a good chance for winnings.