When does LA Liga season start?

LA Liga season start

When does LA Liga season start? Spanish football was growing at the beginning of the 20th century without having any competition that covered most of the season. With the arrival of professionalism, the first requests to structure a tournament that allowed the main teams to play among them several times a year arose. The model to imitate was England, where soccer had acquired great popularity and enjoyed a league championship of great level.

LA Liga season
LA Liga season Team

While there is still the entire season has not been ended. Also, you can start to know the terms of the La Liga calendar for the season 2019-2020, a calendar that is conditioned by the UEFA club competitions (Champions and Europa League) as well as the UEFA European Championship of Nations.

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Precisely La Liga has made all the national federations’ official the schedules of their two club competitions, both the Champions League and the Europa League. That dates of special relevance because they condition the national tournaments, starting with the Spanish league.

When does La Liga season start?

La Liga season start from August to May. In this league, each club plays with another club twice. They play once at home and once away from home ground. How many games in La Liga?

Thus the Champions will start its preliminary phase on August 17, 2018, and will end on May 19, 2019.

 La Liga season start
La Liga season start from August to May

The League Championship will be played in a double match all against each other and a double round in two divisions. The First will be composed of ten clubs: the six Spanish champions, the three runners-up and the winner of a tournament among the ten teams. Also, read more about La Liga here.

The National First and Second Division League Championship were born. For the First League, there were 9 teams selected and the tenth was to leave a qualifying tournament in which the Real Santander Racing Club won. As recorded in the files of the Spanish Federation, the first League in history was won by FC Barcelona after taking the lead on the last day.