Champions league where to watch?

Champions League where to watchA new season of the UEFA Champions League began the most important club football tournament in the world. And if you are in search of Champions League where to watch, you are here at the right place.

What should you know?

If Broadcasts of the UEFA Champions League matches are among the TV highlights of the year, capturing millions of viewers in front of the television screen week after week.

Find out where to watch the next matches in the knockout round of the Champions League. How does Champions League work?

Football fans can only use the paid services of Sky and DAZN in the premier-class live games this season. The payment services allocate the transfers of the games among themselves.

Champions league where to watch?
UEFA Champions League

Champions League in Free-TV and Stream: What is shown?

The highlight for many football fans, the match between FC Bayern Munich and Liverpool FC, will be shown both in the away and in the return leg exclusively at Sky.

DAZN and Sky share the broadcast of the Champions League games this year.

There will be no live broadcasts on Free TV. At least you can watch all the highlights and goals for free.

Sky will not play Champions League matches on its free-to-air channel Sky Sport News HD as per the new rights. Even on the free-TV channel Sky Sport News HD, you will be able to watch highlights of the matches.

Champions league where to watch?

At Nitro, you can also see the highlights of the past match day on Mondays.

Thus DAZN and Sky share the transmissions of the Champions League matches in the round of the last sixteen.

In the current season, DAZN will broadcast 110 games live, including 104 games exclusively. Sky shows 34 individual games, 28 of them in full length.

The semi-finals and the final will show DAZN and Sky in parallel. The highlights will be available for download on both Sky and DAZN.

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