1xbit Review: Online casino bitcoin has millions of customers around the world. In order to remain among the most sought-after betting sites, they must be constantly updated and in that sense, one of the best is Crypto 1xbit.

1xbit Review – Betting Sites:

Betting sites must go hand in hand with technology in all aspects of the game: from the quality of gambling (from 2D to 3D), services, bonuses, and even payment and withdrawal methods must be constantly updated.

We see how today, the most recent betting sites, offer the opportunity to play with Bitcoin, the virtual currency that is giving what to talk about worldwide.

Precisely, this time we will talk about an online casino that one of its main features is the ability to play using Bitcoin and blockchain as a payment and withdrawal method.

This is a Crypto 1xbit bookmaker site, which as we can see by paying attention to the name, is the world of casino games brought to the cryptocurrency market.

We are now going to review 1xbit in the following:

Features and design of Crypto 1xbit:

We will start talking about the main features that Crypto 1xbit presents and the first thing the bettor will see when they enter their website.

Undoubtedly, the most striking feature presented by the Crypto 1xbit betting site is that everything that is banking. That is the payment and withdrawal methods, is handled with cryptocurrencies.

Very different from how most online casinos usually work. It continues to offer traditional methods and only add Bitcoin.

Crypto 1xbit is not like that, its strength is based on the fact that they created a totally cryptographic betting site. That works independently with end-to-end encryption.

1xbit Review
1xbit Review

Now we go with the design of the website. The truth is Crypto 1xbit in its quest to show many things ended up overloading the available home page. They wanted to put a lot of information in one place. The aesthetic is worth a lot. A gambler seeing this betting site so messy and overloaded could run.

Crypto 1xbit offers many functions in one place and not all of them work as they should. For this reason, Crypto 1xbit is not a betting site for any player, if you are just starting in the world of casino games or sports betting, it is best that you start somewhere else.

For players with more betting experience, the fundamental thing will be to use Crypto 1xbit constantly to familiarize themselves with it. As you use it more you will stop seeing everything messy and it will be much easier for you.

The same goes for the interface for placing sports bets, where sports events and available betting options appear. We found that Crypto 1xbit has more betting options than the available bookmakers. With practice, you can handle them perfectly.

The banking in Crypto 1xbit:

In 1xbit, you can make commercial transactions, that is, withdraw and deposit money with 18 types of cryptocurrencies, where Bitcoin stands out.

1xbit has a minimum withdrawal limit of 5 coins and does not present a maximum since usually when playing with cryptocurrencies the money that moves is very large.

On the other hand, in 1xbit you will not be able to make money transfers to another bettor and the waiting time for the processes usually takes an hour.

Customer Service:

Those who play on 1xbit and have a question or complaint may contact the betting site through live chat and email.

Usually, in the live chat, they respond quickly, but they can take time to solve the problem or doubt. When you cannot find the solution by chat, they usually refer you to technical support by email.

In short, customer service is very unlikely to help you. It is better that, depending on the doubt you have, look for information or external help that can guide you.

While it is true that 1xbit has positive things, it still needs a lot to fight against the best betting sites of its style. We will see if in the future it improves in all aspects.

 Review of 1xbit
Review of 1xbit

Sports bets on 1xbit:

The strong point of the 1xbit betting site is betting on sports with cryptocurrencies and not casino games. For this reason, we will talk about all the sporting events you will find in 1xbit.

In 1xbit, you can bet on common sports such as football, basketball, tennis, baseball, football, ice hockey, formula 1, horse carriage, boxing, mixed martial arts, among others. And with each of those sports many leagues or sporting events in which you can bet.

On the other hand, you can also place bets on less usual events: chess, navigation, reality shows, presidential elections, and prize awards.

That positions 1xbit as one of the betting sites that has the largest event offering. In addition, as we already mentioned, it presents many types of bets.

The 1xbit betting site also offers the possibility to play live. Event transmissions can be followed online and there is also the possibility to change the tickets made. However, live bets on 1xbit are not available for most events.

Conclusion about 1xbit Review:

According to us, it is one of the most complete sports betting, casino and poker houses in the world. It is true that they are not the best in each and every one of the offers of games and bets they offer, but in general, they certainly comply with a note.

At the same height as its exhaustive offer in sports betting, we find online casino games, poker, eSports, lotteries and financial products. And all this completed with an offer of bonuses and promotions just as varied, constant and regular. There is no other operator in the world that offers you up to a Bitcoin (BTC) as a welcome bonus with these conditions.